Here at The Sound Garden we offer a wide range of instruments available for rental.

The process is as follows:

  • You pay the first 3 months of rental payments upfront.
  • Monthly payments then begin on the fourth month of the rental.
  • We will subtract the first 6 months of rental payments off of the price of the instrument if you wish to buy it.
  • However after the sixth month no more money is taken off the purchase price. As such the 6 month point is a good time to decide whether you wish to purchase the instrument.
  • You can cancel your rental any time. All you need to do is bring the instrument back into the shop and we can arrange cancellation.


Please note we require 3 forms of I.D  to be provided, as listed below for rentals:

  1.  A Valid Passport or Driving Licence
  2. A Utility Bill or Bank Statement With Proof of Address
  3. A Debit or Credit Card That Matches the Address Provided

For Up To Date Rental Prices, Please Enquire On 020 8441 8603

We offer both new and ex-rental instruments with the latter available for a lower purchase price.

Minimum rental period : 3 Months

*NB : There may be restrictions for non UK passport holders. Please enquire for details.