Hot Rod Deluxe 112 Mark IV - 40 Watts / 1-12" Eminence / Footswitch
Hot Rod Deluxe 112 Mark IV - 40 Watts / 1-12" Eminence / Footswitch
Hot Rod Deluxe 112 Mark IV - 40 Watts / 1-12" Eminence / Footswitch
Hot Rod Deluxe 112 Mark IV - 40 Watts / 1-12" Eminence / Footswitch
Hot Rod Deluxe 112 Mark IV - 40 Watts / 1-12" Eminence / Footswitch

Hot Rod Deluxe 112 Mark IV - 40 Watts / 1-12" Eminence / Footswitch

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The Fender Hot Rod Deluxe IV 1x12 40W Valve Combo is an improved version of the Hot Rod Deluxe series, prized for its ability to seamlessly go between the practice room and the stage. Fender has listened to its customers and modified the Hot Rod Deluxe IV to include new vintage design touches and an improved preamp circuit. This new circuit provides a fuller sound with more definition and clarity at higher gain levels. The reverb circuit has also been modified to keep your tone clear and frequency-response intact, no matter how much you turn up the reverb effect. The Hot Rod Deluxe is a 3 channel amp with every gain level you could require, from classic Fender clean sounds through to all-out saturation. The Hot Rod Deluxe has a Celestion 12' A-Type speaker for a balanced response and excellent projection. This new model amplifier is a refined version of an iconic design and will continue to be popular with musicians who need a no-nonsense, grab-and-go solution for gigging, rehearsing and recording. With improved Fender tones, updated aesthetics and enduring popularity amongst musicians worldwide, the Hot Rod Deluxe IV continues to be a great-sounding and reliable package.

Gigging Solution

The Hot Rod Deluxe has long been the amplifier of choice for guitarists needing a versatile, powerful, portable and reliable gigging solution. The new Mk. IV model includes user-requested features such as a modified tone circuit, improved reverb, and updated aesthetic. These new features help to refine an amplifier that has huge popularity and will provide you with a highly versatile solution able to move seamlessly between gigging, rehearsing, recording, and practicing.

3 Channels

The Hot Rod Deluxe IV has a modified preamp circuit that provides increased clarity at higher gain levels. The amplifier has 3 channels (normal, drive, more drive) that give you a very wide range of foot-switchable gain levels to select between. This scorching 40 watt combo can create classic Fender clean tones and go on to provide incredible saturation through its various channels.

The new preamp design ensures that, no matter how high you push the drive level, you'll still retain clarity and articulation. If you need your amp to provide every gain level without the need for pedals, the Hot Rod Deluxe has the capability to do this. However, if you have a pedal-based rig, the Hot Rod Deluxe will take pedals extremely well in the front-end, and also has an FX loop for use with your modulation and time-based effects pedals.

Tone Sculpting

The Hot Rod Deluxe has a 3-band EQ for shaping your tone to exactly how you require. A presence dial allows you to fine-tune the overall high-end response, while a bright switch allows you to adapt the amp to darker-sounding instruments. The spring reverb provides a lush ambience over your tone, and has been modified from the previous amplifier generation to maintain clarity when you turn up the effect to higher levels.

Powerful Valve Tone

The Hot Rod Deluxe has 12AX7 and 6L6 valves for the perfect balance between preamp saturation and power amp headroom. With 40 watts of power driving a 12' speaker, you'll easily have enough volume to play gigs and rehearse with your band. The Hot Rod Deluxe has achieved enduring popularity due to its mid-range volume, compact size, and versatile tones. It has the ideal power to allow it to go from the practice room to the stage, with a large range of tonal sculpting options and authentic valve tone and response.

Vintage Design - Quality Construction

The Hot Rod Deluxe IV features updated design touches including ivory pointer knobs, steel-reinforced strap handle, lightly-aged grill cloth, and an improved control panel texture and graphics. These features give the amp a more 'boutique' look with a refined and classic aesthetic.

The amp is constructed with Fender's legendary high build-quality, with a pine cabinet, corner protectors and rugged carry handle. The solid construction gives you a reliable package ready to withstand the rigours of a musician's life. Practice sessions, rehearsals, last-minute jam sessions, large gigs; all are possible with the portable and highly versatile Hot Rod Deluxe IV.


Modified preamp circuit from Mk. III Hot Rod Deluxe - enhanced note clarity at higher gain levels
Smoother sounding spring reverb and improved aesthetics from previous generation
40 watts of 12AX7 and 6L6 valve tone
12' Celestion Type-A speaker for smooth highs, balanced mids, and full low-end
Lightweight pine cabinet with new control panel texture and graphics, ivory pointer knobs, steel-reinforced handle, lightly aged silver grille cloth
Three channels for versatile gain ranges
2-button footswitch and cover included
FX loop to utilise your own effects pedals
3-band EQ with presence and bright switch


Power: 40 watts
Preamp Tubes: 3 x 12AX7
Power Tubes: 2 x 6L6
Speakers: One – 12” Celestion® A-Type
Controls: Volume, Drive, Treble, Bass, Middle, Master, Reverb, Presence, Bright Switch
Channels: Three channels (normal, drive, more drive)
Effects: Reverb
Connectivity: 2x Inputs, Preamp Out, Power Amp In, Foot Switch In (all 1/4')
Weight: 18.59 kg
Amplifier Covering: Black Textured Vinyl
Grill Cloth: Lightly-Aged Silver
Pilot Light: Red Jewel
Footswitch: 2-button footswitch and cover included

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